My Vortex Story-Vivienne O'Keeffe

My Vortex Story

My name is Vivienne O’Keeffe. I was born and reared in Ireland. I have two amazing children, a son and a daughter. Funnily and strangely enough, I secretly always wanted six sons but I would not swap my daughter and son for one hundred of the greatest sons on earth.

 I was a young mother and luckily I understood my children, especially through the turbulent teenage years. One major perk of having your children young!

I have worked in London for the last 6 years and I commute from Ireland most weeks. I am an expert on airports and airlines obviously because I spend so much time in them. Being Irish in London is great, it is like a home from home with similar cultures and ethics.

 I love London,it energises me.

I was born an entrepreneur, following in my father’s footsteps. My career started when I was 7 years old. My mother had a bottle of perfume, notes of delicate rose and musk. I adored it and would often spray it wildly. One day she noticed and she hid it from me. I was devastated so I decided to collect rose petals from anywhere and everywhere I soaked them in water, then poured the rosewater into any container I could find and even went on to sell a few. 

I firmly believed I was going to be the next Coco Chanel. 

After secondary school I did not want to go straight to college so I took the chance,left home and went to the USA . I had many jobs while I was there and enrolled in a course and studied Interior Design. My natural creativity that had remained  dormant in the previous years because it was not on the school curriculum finally broke loose and I began to flourish. I felt alive.

Tempus fugit and life moved on swiftly.

I founded many companies,some failed some survived but my company V Vortex Holdings Ltd is me personified.I create collaborative client relationships. I get my clients investor ready in order to achieve the wealth and success they strive for. Far too often, there is a disconnect between what a business plan says and what investors want to see and hear.

 I empower entrepreneurs so that they will not live to regret their unlived potential or feel betrayed by their unachieved missions and visions. I encourage them to have a clearly defined end goal. I educate them on the fact that in order to achieve greatness, they must follow their true purpose. 

My clients feed and benefit from my energy and once they taste the significant deep self-worth and belief, it becomes almost impossible for them to return to their old ways. They realise that they have to have fire in their belly and absolutely love what they do, otherwise abject failure or mediocre success will be the result. 

Success, happiness and inner peace, are not something someone can give you. It is not an external destination, it was born within all of us and I help my clients realise that they themselves are the powerhouse to all their desires. 

My clients get results and they become more deeply in tune with their intuitive selves. They block out the hyperbole their mind shouts at them and understand that the success they are looking for is a binary proposition, they either really want it or they don’t. 

Resilience, consistency, total self-belief and tortuous perseverance have resulted 6 years later in “an overnight success”. My business is my baby. I sell my business easily to my clients because I love what I do and it shows in a tangible way.

 I empower my clients. I mentor them from learned experiences not a textbook, mostly on how not to do business. 

I tell stories of contrast and how important contrast is. It is imperative to feel pain and this is actually a good thing as it makes one aware of the cause of the pain and not to return to it. My technique is simplistic, humble and I draw from my experiences.

 I do not hand my clients the tools to survive and excel, I extract those innate tools of greatness that have been buried deep by everyday exposure to negative proximity and external influences. I stick to my model and structure but bespoke aspects to suit my clients. To categorise everyone as the same is futile. 

I have an ecosystem of excellence. I partner with the best in class to give my clients a holistic offering incorporating all the services they may need to get to the next level. 

Their success becomes my Vortex story.